Awesome Ideas for Keeping Your Toilet Clean at All Times

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy cleaning in general, then the chances that cleaning the toilet is your pet peeve are pretty high. Yet, like everybody else, you understand how important it is to regularly maintain the toilet bowl hygiene.

Thanks to our leading home cleaning services in Carmel, you can both avoid the hateful task of cleaning the toilet and still have it perfectly clean at all times! Just let our trusted cleaners handle the cleaning for you. Or, if you are at a loss on how to keep your living room tidy or disinfect the sink properly when pressed for time, we can help with that too.

In this article, we have pulled together some life-saving tips for cleaning the most unpopular piece in the house – the toilet bowl. Read on!

Why does my toilet bowl get dirty so quickly?

You clean your toilet bowl almost every day, but it somehow gets dirty in no time? This is a quite common though very frustrating scenario and the reason might be one of these:

  1. Chlorine in hard water. This combination causes the iron and magnesium to precipitate out and thus muck up the toilet. Try a hard water treatment with a water softener and stop using chlorine.
  2. The outer layer is gone. Toilet bowls are ceramic and covered in glaze. Over time, the glaze gets worn away, and as ceramic is porous, the minerals in the water have a good place to grab hold.
  3. Mineral buildup. Those colored mineral deposits are possibly caused by the mineral buildup in and around your toilet’s siphon jets located underneath the rim of your toilet bowl. Unclog them first, then continue with regular cleaning.
  4. The brush needs replacement. It is essential to change the brush often and sanitize it after you finish the cleaning. Use a tiff-bristle toilet brush and a proven toilet bowl cleaning solution, whether a store-bought or green home-made product.

How to keep the toilet clean between cleanings?

The truth is that toilets get dirty awfully quick, but there are a few tricks you can apply to make your toilet stay clean longer. Here they are:

  • Give it an overnight vinegar treatment. An overnight soak with white vinegar will block off your siphon jets. The trick is to trap the vinegar right where all that grime is concentrated. Let the vinegar work its magic overnight and voilа  – your toilеt bowl will be sparkling clean in the morning!
  • Pour some toilet cleaner into the tank. After a routine cleaning, add a few ounces of liquid toilet cleaner or drop a dissolving tablet into the tank. The cleaner will run into the bowl with each flush, killing bacteria and eliminating residue. It will also help break down mineral deposits in the siphon jets.
  • Shut the lid when you flush. If you don’t, the germs and fecal matter from the toilet bowl will spread up into the air with the force created by the sudden gush of water. This is known as the toilet plume and the best way to avoid it is to simply close the toilet lid.

How to prevent toilet bowl stains?

The horrid rust-colored rings in the bowl’s interior reappear in the blink of an eye after you have put so much time and effort to eliminate them? Hard water stains make you go crazy? Keep them at bay using these tips:

  • Treat with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda at the end of the day after everyone has gone to sleep. Swish it with the toilet brush to get it above the water line and leave overnight with the closed lid. Just flush in the morning.
  • Use an automatic toilet bowl cleaner. It will clean your toilet automatically from the inside out with every flush, eliminating and preventing the growth of bacteria and hard water stains on it’s journey to the bowl. Also, it will prolong the time your toilet stays clean.
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