Vacplus Unscented Moisture Absorber Box (364)

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  • EFFICIENT ABSORPTION - The cover of Vacplus moisture absorber box with mesh design significantly enhances the ventilation through the box. Moreover, this product features spherical calcium chloride particles in the extra moisture absorber bag, which effectively enlarges its dehumidifying range and keeps the place pleasantly dry and comfortable for a longer time.
  • VISIBLE DEHUMIDIFICATION - The lower transparent moisture box can separate the collected moisture from the spherical calcium chloride particles, efficiently improving the dehumidifying effectiveness of this product. The collected moisture can directly drop into the collecting box, in which way the dehumidifying status of the moisture removers can be clearly observed at any time.
  • UNSCENTED MATERIAL - There is no artificial essence in Vacplus humidity absorbers, it will not release any unpleasant smell. Feel free to enjoy an odor-free day in the room without worrying about unexpected scents. Vacplus moisture removers can effectively complete the dehumidification task while freeing your nose from strange odor at the same time!
  • UNRESTRICTED PLACEMENT - Vacplus moisture absorbers are ideal dehumidifiers for home and enclosed space such as closets, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, touring cars, boats, and basements. All required is just removing the package of moisture absorber bag and placing it in the moisture absorber. Vacplus moisture absorbers always work satisfactorily wherever it is placed.
  • ECONOMICALLY REUSABLE - Compared with single-used dehumidifiers, Vacplus moisture absorbers produce less wastes during or after use with the reusable feature. The moisture absorber bags can be replaced with a new pack when the spherical calcium chloride disappears. Vacplus moisture absorber box with physical dehumidification are backup for the cost-effective and energy-effective life style.

    Product Description

    Vacplus moisture absorber box with mesh-lid design practically improves the dehumidification efficiency by allowing more moist air to pass through the moisture absorber bag. Besides, the lower translucent water-collecting box clearly shows the accumulation of water. Get the dehumidification process completely under your control anytime and anywhere!
    Vacplus moisture absorber box is reusable as a functional helper to create a cost-effective and an energy-efficient lifestyle. When the calcium chloride particles completely dissolve, all you need to do is emptying the collected water and replacing the exhausted moisture absorber bag with a new one. Simpler steps for more optimized using experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Great product. You can reuse the containers. Good deal for the money.

Used it for moisture control in our closets.

Replacement is So Much Cleaner Than Other Brand

I wish I had purchased these before buying the expensive brand. These are so much easier to replace the used content because they are in a mesh bag so when you have to replace it, it doesn¡¯t make a mess. They last & work just as long as the name brand so the value is outstanding!

Would Buy Again

This worked well in my basement and house. I was surprised by the amount of moisture it drew from the air. I would buy this again.

This is a great product it really works.

I love this product it really works. If you have a basements with a musky smell you need to get them. Work's great

Gets the moisture out! Great product

I needed something for my vehicle and the mold dampness smell was so strong. I¡¯ve tried many different products to get this smell/moisture out and finally found something worth my money!

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