Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets (305)

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  • Effective in CLEANING - Vacplus Duo-Cubes toilet bowl cleaner tablets effectively help you clean the tank, water pipe and other parts of the toilet.
  • LONG-LASTING CLEANING - The blue part with efficient cleaning factor automatically keeps the toilet basin bright and clean. The green part with factor continuously cleans your tank with every flush. Each toilet cleaner tablet lasts up to 5-7 days (or 20 flushes daily), 12 tablets are for 2-3 months supply. Each toilet tablet's lifetime may vary.
  • HOW TO USE - DO NOT tear off outer protective film of the toilet bowl cleaner tablets, which is soluble in water tank. Please leave the tablets in the water tank for at least 10 minutes to dissolve sufficiently until water gets blue before flushing.
  • POINTS FOR ATTENTION - When the blue toilet bowl tablet dissolves completely, the blue will fade, a new toilet tank cleaner should be put into the tank. This product cannot completely replace the toilet brush. It is mainly to help maintain a clean toilet tank and reduce the dirt accumulation on the tank. Please clean the toilet tank with a toilet brush before the first-time use to make a better use of Vacplus toilet bowl cleaning products.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE - Vacplus toilet cleaner is convenient and easy to use. It will not cause any damage to the internal parts of the toilet tank.
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Jim Farrish

Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets (305)

Catie‘s TikTok Cleaning

They’re working great so far. I love bleach so I love the tablets I have taken away the rings around my white toilets ironically they just got put in a year ago and I suppose maybe it’s hard water Almost every other day but now I don’t have to do that so great product thank you guys

Best Company, Best Value

I purchase the toilet bowel cleaners at the Dollar Store where they are often sold out. Fortunately, I found them on Amazon, and then I found their website. They carry the BEST Products for bathroom sanitation. The blue toilet water makes each flush look clean and refreshed. I am a customer for life!


This is a must have in every house. Prevent your toilets to get dirty especially when you have guests over because that’s embarrassing!! These small tablets stay inside the water bowl and you never have to do anything but replace them here and there. Plenty come in 1 box so they’ll definitely last you a while. I’ve had them for a week and can periodically smell the bleach going to work every time I flush. All 3 bathrooms of mine have them. This is set at a great price point and definitely has been working well for the past week I’ve had them.

Lexie Panda

The product came with gloves to place the product in the toilet tank. Also had clear instructions!

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