Vacplus Toilet Tank Cleaner Tablets 12 pack (365)

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  • DESCALING & DEODORIZING DESIGN - Vacplus toilet bowl tablets can efficiently remove water scales, urine scales, smudges and other stubborn stains with upgraded active ingredients. It also deodorizes the whole toilet with natural fragrance while freshening the toilet bowl in every flush.
  • SLOW-DISSOLVING TECHNOLOGY - The automatic toilet cleaner continuously cleans your toilet bowl up to 15 to 20 days (150 to 200 times of use) with its slow-dissolving technology. This technology enables the tablet to dissolve more completely and saves you more time from frequent replacing.
  • HOW DOES THIS CLEANER WORK? - Unlike many cleaning supplies, this toilet bowl tablet freshens the toilet bowl while forming a protective water film to reduce the accumulation of stains and scale. For better cleaning effects, please clean the toilet bowl with a soft brush before the first use.
  • WATER-SOLUBLE PROTECTOR FILM - Simply drop a tablet into the toilet tank without tearing off the white film which can directly dissolve in water. After putting the tablet into the toilet tank, wait for 10 to 30 minutes until it dissolves completely, and then flush the toilet bowl for cleaning.
  • NEUTRAL INGREDIENTS - As a quick foaming toilet cleaner with strong detergent ability, this product includes neutral ingredients, which will not damage any metal or plastic parts of the septic tank system. You can rest easy with this toilet bowl cleaner for more than 25 weeks.

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Easy to use.

Alex G
Love these

They go by so fast in my house, I use them all the time keeps the bathroom smelling nice and toilet clean!

Claudette G
Needs time to activate, but it works for me!

Nice blue color, clean toilet!, HHAVE cleaning service every 2 weeks, bowls are sparkling when they come. Tablets last minimally 4 weeks, or longer. Well worth it.

Good but omit seldom used toilets

I love these types of cleaners you throw in the back of the toilet tank to help keep the bowl cleaner longer. I like that it turns the water blue, it just seems more hygienic to me. I also love that I got a 12-pack. I used them at my bf’s house and he’s got 3 toilets there, two of which are used daily and then a third in a rarely used half bath attached to an empty guest room. In that toilet I noticed it started leaving a thin blue ring around the water line, so I do try to go back there to at least flush the toilet every time I’m over there but I’ll probably just leave the pod out of that toilet whenever it runs out. Still no complaints from me, I love these things.

Good family size and strong odor control and cleaning ability

It turns they toilet water blue. That's about it.

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